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The Filmy Monks Studios is a Mumbai-based Film Production Company producing original, clutter-breaking content while backing homegrown talent.

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TFM is a creative post production house specializing in high defination "Digital Post Production"

TFM Studios - VFX, 3D Animation, DI, Commercials, Editing, Subtitle, Dubbing

specializes in creating high-quality video content for media, web and mobile applications. Our Davinci Resolve, Avid and Final Cut Pro edit suites bring the latest HD technology to the offline and online environment allowing for the ultimate creative process.


Based in Mumbai with a wealth of experience across the industry, TFM  Studios has worked with some of the biggest production houses in the country & overseas, to deliver the top-quality programming we all know and love. TFM Studios has also worked with several blue-chip companies to produce high-quality video content for the corporate sector and is continuing to grow. If you have an idea to share, TFM Studios can help you bring it to life.